Equipment Rental & Shuttles

Complete Rental Packages
Rental packages include life vests, helmets, paddles, pump, dry bag, and throw rope. All equipment may also be rented individually. Safety instructions, how-to tips, and access maps are available upon request. Reservations are strongly recommended (especially on weekends).

Rental hours are from 9 am- 1 pm and all gear must be returned by 6 pm. If you do not return by 6 pm, there is a $25 late fee. Prices are per day.

Standard Rafts – Willow Creek Location Only

  • 2-4 person(9-10 ft): $70
  • 4-6 person (11-12 ft): $90
  • 6-8 person (13-14 ft): $110

Self-Bailing Rafts

  • 2-3 person (mini me): $90
  • 2-4 person (mini max): $100
  • 6-8 person (13-14 ft): $130
  • 8-10 person (16 ft): $145

Inflatable Kayaks

  • Single: $40
  • Double: $60

Inner Tubes- Willow Creek location only

  • $10

Once you arrive at our shop and rent the equipment, we will load your order onto our trailer. You will then follow us to your take out location and leave your car there. After that, we will take you and the equipment to your put in location. If you are in need of a shuttle please let us know when you make your reservation. If you don’t make a reservation we cannot guarantee a shuttle. If you are late and someone else arrives who is also getting a shuttle, you will have to wait until the shuttle car returns. All shuttle prices are per vehicle.

*Add $10 for shuttle without rental*

From Willow Creek to:

  • Kimtu, Big Rock, Hlel-Din: $10
  • Tish Tang or Hawkins Bar: $30
  • Gray’s Falls, Sandy Bar, Low Water Bridge: $40
  • Hayden Flat: $50
  • Weitchpec: $70

From Big Flat to:

  • Pigeon Point or Big French Creek: $20
  • Junction City or Del Loma: $30
  • Cedar Flat: $40

Overnight Vehicle Storage: