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Small Self-Bailing Raft All Ages | Up to 3 People
Medium Self-Bailing Raft All Ages | Up to 4 People
Large Self-Bailing Raft All Ages | Up to 8 People
Single Kayak All Ages | For 1 Person
Double Kayak All Ages | Up to 2 People

A Great Way to Spend Your Day on the Water!

If you are a first-time rafter, we recommend taking part in one of our guided trips. Equipment rentals are best suited for people that know the river and have lots of rafting experience. Reservations are required! Book online to reserve your raft or kayak rental on the Trinity River.

Shuttle services are an additional cost and depend on your destination. You are responsible to bring the equipment back to our shop after your trip:

  • Pigeon Point: $40
  • Big French Creek: $40
  • Junction City: $50
  • Del Loma: $50
  • Cedar Flat: $70

What to Bring

  • Water, snacks, and sun protection.
  • A change of clothes for afterwards.
  • Please dress according to the weather.